Pasquale (Paco) Lanciano

Physicist and expert in the communication of Scientific information

After having graduated with honours in Physics, he carried out research in Astrophysics in Italy and the United States. Since 1981 he has been involved in the communication of scientific information and multimedia technologies. He is responsible for the “Mizar”agency for the conception of interactive installations, with which he has created dozens of exhibitions and museums throughout Italy. He has collaborated since 1993 with Piero Angela’s television programmes (the Planet of the Dinosaurs, Voyage in the Cosmos, SuperQuark and SuperQuark Specials), for which he has designed and produced more than 250 experimental demonstrations in the studio.

During the past five years he has also devoted himself to the world of archaeology, among his creations, the exhibitions on display at Palazzo Valentini, the Forum of Augustus, the Forum of Caesar and, just recently inaugurated, the “Welcome to Rome”centre within the former Cinema Augustus.



01/12/2017 - The Future in the Making