Miguel Angel Figueroa

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Catalyst

Miguel Angel Figueroa serves as a Catalyst for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in emerging
economies. He believes that ideas have consequences, and that the ethic of a nation
determinates its capacity to create value and innovation. He currently serves as Programs
International Director for Novus Foundation, USA; and he leads as Innovation Director of Hub7
Entrepreneurship the first technology based ventures accelerator of Bolivia. Both organizations
are focused on the creation of new ventures that solve problems in emerging economies
through the incubation of Fintech, Agtech, Edtech, and Energy technologies. Miguel Angel is an
author of 3 entrepreneurship books. He has a track record on delivered talks to more than two
hundred thousand people in more than 30 countries. He also has track record as generator of
income and fundraising for different organizations that reaches a portfolio of more than one
hundred million dollars on projects for the economic development and entrepreneurship.


01/12/2017 - The Future in the Making