Laura Kampf

Youtube Maker/Artist/Designer/ Content Creator

Laura Kampf is a clever, funny 33 years old Content Creator/Maker/YouTuber from Cologne, Germany. While studying design in college, a few concepts came into her mind and her urge to build prototypes grew – so she started building a workshop and improving her skills. A couple years later she rediscovered her interest in filmmaking and combined the two passions and started making videos for Youtube. Now, every week Laura builds a new project and documents her process along the way. Every Sunday one of her videos is published, and on Monday it’s back to brass tacks, starting from scratch. “Being able to focus on the process rather than the product allows me to explore not only the good ideas but also the bad ones—which is sometimes a lot more interesting“.


01/12/2017 - The Future in the Making

01/12/2017 - Make and Inspire