Chiara Russo

Ceo and co-founder of Codemotion.

Chiara, by nature, is passionate about technology. After her degree in Information Engineering, she started her career in 2004 in  I.T Consultancy. In 2009 she organized her first technology conference, firstly for passion then, in 2003 she left her job in order to transform her hobby of technical conferences into the startup “Codemotion”.  Mother of Margherita, she loves travelling and sailing.

Today, Codemotion is the most important technology conference in Europe, with an international network  of over 570,000 developers present in 6 countries (Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Poland and Israel) with a team of over 30 people  in Italy alone. Codemotion organizes hackathons, open innovation projects with strong links to technology and training courses for I.T professionals. In 2013 Codemotion started a tech school for children and teens called Codemotion Kids with the aim of turning youngsters into creators of technology instead of just being simply passive users.


01/12/2017 - The Future in the Making