Alessio Jacona

Journalist and communications consultant, Host of the Maker Faire Rome Conferences

Alessio Jacona is a journalist, online communications consultant, and photographer. For more than 15 years, he has dealt with technology, Internet, new media, innovation, digital communication and, more generally, with how the digital revolution influences every aspect of our lives. Between 2001 and 2004, he edited, one of the very first independent online outlets. In subsequent years, he worked in corporate communication under the guidance of Mario Dal Co, while, at the same time, overseeing Blogs4biz, a digital communication blog belonging to the Communicagroup network, founded and directed by journalist Luca Ajroldi. In 2008 he began to work freelance with Nòva24 (Il Sole 24Ore), an outlet for which he had the good fortune of interviewing some of the world’s most important digital gurus. Collaborations were to follow with L’Espresso, Wired Italia and La Repubblica, where, always with different approaches and languages, he dealt the themes so dear to his deeply nerdy heart. During those same years, he served as public speaker and panel moderator at major Italian digital events, including Social Media Week, the Internet Festival, State of The Net, Festival del Giornalismo, Forum della Comunicazione Digitale, Medioera, Appydays, Oustream Video Summit, Festival di Internazionale, and Festival di Altro consumo. In 2009, he (re)discovered photography and fell in love with it, quickly making it one of his main tools for recounting things and events. In early 2013, he was Inventions and new technologies correspondent for the broadcast E Se Domani, produced by the Simona Ercolani Stand by me production house for Rai Tre. In 2015, on La3, he hosted LifeApp, the programme that recounts the benefits that Apps, smartphones and tablets bring to all of our lives.



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