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Partner with Maker Faire Rome  – The European Edition: 1- 3 December



Partners of Maker Faire Rome – The European Editiom 4.0, which this year will happen from Dec. 1-3, enjoy playing with the 110k visitors of all ages who attend the event .

The event that combines science, science fiction, technology, entertainment, B2B and B2C is suitable for many Brands, depending on the target they are willing to engage.

A Partner of Maker Faire Rome which provides a platform to creatives, makers fablab, SMEs to display their art or projects and hold solid collaboration with renowned organizations fostering innovation, has many benefits.

In fact, it’s an event created to cater to curious participants, wishing to experience – first hand – what’s next year in every field.

Considering that visitors of Maker Faire Rome last year exceeded 100k, It’s an event apt to promote any innovation and thus contributing both to our goals as an organization and to launch any “Brand New Product”.

Being the watchwords of Maker Faire Rome: meeting, exchange, training, entertainment and interaction, building and strengthening our partner’s company brand trough effective visibility is one of the essential keys in our business strategy.


Partnership with #MFR, to be effective, must serve the interest of four constituent groups:

  1. Partner must serve the business interests of the sponsoring Company:
    • we might offer a slot for your CEO at the Opening Conference and organize a masterclass targeting your preferred audience
  2. Partner must serve the best interests of the event and its participants:
    • we might develop co-branded “whatever” for all the exhibitors in target, organizing a thematic show case or even a game while we are in the CALLS period
  3. Partner must have a positive impact upon the sponsor’s direct consumers or prospects:
    • we might run a contest tbd together
  4. Partner must benefit the sponsoring Company on innovation topics:
    • we might launch a specific challenge within “The Big Hack“, the hackathon that we run, yearly, 15 days before Maker Fare Rome


Regarding the Social coverage of Maker Faire Rome, please have a look our Social wall here link: you can find a selection among the UGC content created by all the visitors.

Here a link to the TV Press coverage ( over 100 TV News clips).

Here, instead, some links from the International press coverage (randomly):


Very looking forward to hearing from you! You can find us here!