Here are all the R.O.M.E. Prize finalists!

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Almost one month after the 100k euro prize awarded to Talking Hands, let’s relive the experience of the R.O.M.E Prize, with all the projects that made it to the final!


At Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 4.0, Francesco Pezzuoli and Dario Corona took home the prestigious € 100,000 prize for their Talking Hands project: a glove capable of translating Italian Sign Language ( LIS) into voice.

But all the other inventions that made it to the final were no less brilliant!

The WASP project was created to build housing with natural or recycled materials found on the territory, but can easily also use traditional construction materials. Thanks to this technology, all the knowledge accumulated to date can be replicated an infinite number of times, and communicated everywhere over the Internet.


Maker Economy Starter Kit
Maker Economy Starter Kit


  • K-Now Casting

An innovative decision support system for handling emergencies caused by extreme weather events, based on analyzing the measurements of the Smart Rainfall System – SRS, the only nowcasting system that provides high-definition, real-time area maps of rainfall, through analysis of the satellite television signal received by common satellite dishes.


K-Now Casting
K-Now Casting


Developed by Gionatan Diliberto, this exoskeleton endowed with a flight unit is designed to be used in rescue or emergency operations that cannot be accessed by traditional means.


Flytech - unity of flight
Flytech – unity of flight


The kit that enables blind or vision-impaired people of all ages to enjoy safe and independent cycling, using ultrasound sensors to detect the boundaries of the cycling track, and employing vibrating buttons placed on the two ends of the handlebars to give the cyclist feedback.


UltraBike - independent cycling for the blind
UltraBike – independent cycling for the blind


  • GlareSmile, the automatic 3D toothbrush

The winner of the Start Up Contest, and of the € 75,000 prize awarded by Digi-Key ElectronicsGlareSmile – developed by Aldo Daniele Dominici and Niccolò Cerizza – is the first 3D toothbrush that automatically cleans your teeth with proper technique, in just 10 seconds.




  • PD-Watch

The watch for Parkinson’s Disease – developed by Luigi Battista – that carries out a quantitative monitoring of Parkinson’s symptoms, in order to support the diagnosis and clinical evaluation of Parkinson’s Disease.




  • BOB (Baby On Board)

Designed by the Open BioMedical Initiative, BOB is an open source, low-cost, 3D-printed incubator.
It maintains a constant internal temperature and humidity. Thanks to its versatility, it may also be used in a variety of fields, like nutrition and biological research.


BOB (Baby On Board)
BOB (Baby On Board)


The first open-source wireless optical communication system for urban environments, that links positions up to 150 m apart. It strengthens the networks from 1 to 10 Gbps through saturation of the radio spectrum, to provide the network to the last mile, without having to install fibres. The project was developed by Luka Mustafa and by Institute IRNAS




Maurizio Piredda and Daniele Lecis have designed an interactive console that entertains and monitors your dog when you’re far from home. Through its levels of play, it entertains the pet as it learns, by stimulating and training the animal and its sense of smell in particular. BautifulBox can be programmed entirely by smartphone app, through which the dog-owner can also monitor his or her pet.




The R.O.M.E Prize (Rome Outstanding Maker of Europe), one of the most eagerly awaited events at Maker Faire Rome, was awarded by an exceptional panel, composed of:

  1. Neil Gershenfeld, founder of MIT’s “Center for Bits & Atoms”
  2. Bruce Sterling, science fiction author
  3. Simona Maschi, Director of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

At the award ceremony, the winner of the Start Up Contest was also announced: the € 75,000 awarded by Digi-Key Electronics to the best design dedicated to the development of electronic products went to GlareSmile, the smart toothbrush that guarantees thorough dental hygiene in just seconds of use.

The other projects in the competition were no less brilliant and innovative:

  • Iomote, the professional IoT platform designed for system integrators, developed by OpenPicus
  • PD- Watch (among the R.O.M.E. Prize’s finalists)
  • RobotFarm, hydroponic indoor greenhouse appliance, an automatic, self-sufficient hydroponic greenhouse the size of a household appliance, to allow anyone to raise whatever they need hydroponically: leafy vegetables, spices, lettuce, and so on, year round, no green thumb required, sustainably and pollution-free, strictly locally, and of the highest quality.


Here are all the projects that took part in Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 4.0, recounted directly by those who conceived, created, and developed them.