Robots: What’s next?

Saturday  December 2,   h. 2.30 p.m-4.30 p.m.

Pavillon 10 – Room 2

Admission free – limited number of places available

Since long robots have left science fiction books to live our world. We can find them everywhere: on Mars and in oceans, in hospitals and homes, in factories and schools, robots fighting fires, making goods and products, saving time and lives. We live in the age of robotics, an age in which robots are with us, within us, and among us. Robots today are making a considerable impact on many aspects of modern life.

A conference with guests hosted by Alessio Jacona

Maria Chiara Carrozza
Manuel G. Catalano
Michele Guarnieri
Enzo Risso
Andrea Sala
Marco Scialdone
Guglielmo Tamburrini