Agrifood: make, hack or tech?

Sunday 3th December 

h. 11.30-13.30

Admission free – limited number of places available

The future of food is a future that will embrace the challenges of complexity. In a smart agrifood perspective, the relevant dimension can’t be just robots and drones that replace all the knowledge  behind the food chain: from the ground to the cookers. Thanks to the great work, carried out by Maker Faire, these years has exploded and is now for everyone the DIY culture (do-it-yourself) in the precision robotics and sensors field. Technological transfer, in an Agrifood4.0 framework, can favor virtuous practices and at the same time minimizing energy waste by optimizing and automating some processes.

The protagonists of the major international experiences will share their path to discuss everything together. Which approach best responds to the needs of the Italian ecosystem: maker, hacker or hi tech?

A conference with international guests hosted by Alessio Jacona

Lee  Cadesky
Marie Caye and Arvid Jense
Chiara Cecchini
James Hunt
Casper Koomen
Engeli Kummeling
Luca La Mesa
Matthew Oswald
Stephen Ritz
Miguel Valenzuela